All you need to know about hunting

One of the passionate and a skillful hobby is hunting. 

The hunting has been practiced since the ancient period. During the dynasty period the king used to show their talent though various kinds of arts one such kind of art is hunting. In the middle age people used to hunt for selling its flesh and the meat as their profession. And during these day the hunting has been done for various reasons like entertainment, time pass, even as a hobby also. The hunting consist of various kinds like shark hunt, bird hunt, tiger hunt, lion hunt, deer hunt etc.

The shark hunt

Almost some millions of shark was killed in order to have its fin that is used for making the fin soup. But most of the people are hunting for the white shark which is an endangered species that has been banned by most of the people just for its fins.

The fin soup is a kind of delicate food that has been considered to have in a high quality in some of the country. But some of them are demanding to ban it as the hunting is a very much famous for the business through which one can able to earn money

The hunting of the birds

Bird hunting is the most popular hunting that exists even now. In fact, in some countries there are some contest regarding the   duck hunts, or any other bird.  And these kind of hunting’s have become legal in some countries too. They announces the contest at the time when there are more birds arrives. Before getting into the hunt, the participants choose a proper cloth so that the birds are not scared or frighten and that make the person to shoot the bird easily. The practice the hunt for having as a meat and as their pride too.