Deciding on the Best Electric Shaver for Bald Head

Why go bald?

Having a bald hair is like imagining yourself to that old grumpy man that lives at the end of the street or a person dying from an incurable disease. Then don’t! The baldness of the hair is not only of those elderly people, sickly people or criminal people, it is also for fashion nowadays. In ancient times it could be a punishment or sort, but now men and even women totally rock the “bald head” look. It gives out that certain vibe of sharpness and seriousness.

Electric shavers for convenience

With today’s technology, electric shavers are not only for shaving facial hair but it also provides the best way of maintaining that bald head or acquiring that bald head. It is simple to use and is hassle free. But always do remember that an electric shaver for your facial hair does not work in shaving your head off. Research online and ask reliable people on how to choose the best electric shaver forbald head.

Foil Electric Shaver vs. Rotary Electric Shaver

There are two main types of electric shavers for your head:

  • The Foil Electric Shaver: It trims the hair with its hole, thus cutting it close to the skin and offers a close shave. It has a straight head that has oscillating blades underneath a “foil” to mow down that hair. You might want to use this kind of electric shaver for better precision as well as having relatively fine hair.
  • The Rotary Electric Shaver: It is design to follow the shape of your head or face as you move it in a circular motion resulting in hair falling in angular cut by the tiny scissor-like blades. The circular motion helps in moving around and reaching the hard to reach areas. These are best used for people having thick and coarser hair. It is also good for people who do not want to shave every day.