Do Medicare Advantage 2019 Plan Help Seniors With Prescriptions?

What seniors are asking?

It has been a common question from seniors on what is the best Medicare Advantage 2019 plan that’s good for them.  If their concern is for prescriptions, then there are privately-owned insurance companies that have gone beyond the basic insurance. They have added coverage for the Medicare Part D, which we all know, will take care of a plenty of prescription medicine costs. They also included checkups that may be needed all year round and even hearing aids and prescription eyeglasses.

What’s the basic Medicare Coverage?

However, let’s go back a bit on your basic Medicare Coverage in relation to the Advantage Plan that you might be getting. It is a requirement that the basic coverage of the Advantage plan should also include all of what the Original Medicare plan has offered. That is the Medicare Part A and Part B. This means that having an Advantage plan will give you the Original Medicare even though you may not go through Medicare anymore. On top of that, they included coverage for emergency attention and other urgently required medical care. However, with the increasing cost of medical care, there is a great possibility that coverage will increase too. So choose wisely.

Is an increase justifiable?

Those insurance companies can increase their coverage price which is a reflection of the increasing cost of medical care and how much coverage it has included. For an individual, the best Advantage plan is the one that’s affordable and have a coverage that fits his need.


If you think you can still do it with only the basic Medicare, then go ahead. But maybe that might have done well over the years, but coming 2019, there might be something extensive that you may want. Try looking at the Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 if you think an additional coverage can benefit you.