Meanwhile, she felt betrayed by her own homeland in the Ionian Front.

The Riveting Tale of Riven and the Championship Riven Skin at


Go to in order to get your own Championship Riven skin for the champion Riven of League of Legends fame. With that in mind, what’s the difference of the original Championship Riven skin and the relatively recent Championship Riven skin released in 2016 in terms of aesthetics? Those are actually two of Riven’s main skins. Both of these skins have the same splash art and everything. Actually, the original version of Championship Riven or Classic Championship Riven is different because of the presence of the crown and the glow of the character’s sword. The 2016 version doesn’t have these special features anymore, meaning it’s the more streamlined but arguably inferior version to its classic incarnation.







Who Is Riven Anyway?


  • Riven’s Origin Story: Riven is a woman who was once a swordsmaster in the Noxus warhosts, serving currently as an expatriate in a foreign land that she once attempted to conquer. The warrior rose through the ranks of this tough society with her brutal efficiency with the blade and the strength of her own convictions, earning her great power and prestige as well as a warband of her own and a legendary runic sword that can cut down anyone in her path.


  • Her Quest and the Reforged Noxus: This silver-haired assassin with a gigantic sword is known by the epithet “The Exile” because she’s in exile from her original motherland that she lost faith in. She severed all ties to the empire she once belonged to, seeking her place in this broken world even as she heard rumors of Noxus reemerging. As a fighter and assassin, she has loads of abilities sucha s Valor, Broken Wings, Blade of the Exile, Runic Blade, and Ki Burst, just to name a few.


  • Championship Riven Skin: The 2016 version of the Championship Riven skin lacks several VFXs, the boarder in her loading screen, and her crown. Meanwhile, the classic skin that’s also available on the indicated site above is known to cost up to $200 due to its rarity in the game. You can actually get a good bargain on the skin by going to the GamesStore Live website for it. The site has everything you need, including rare items and skins like Classic Championship Riven.