Sticker Style

You can look at these stickers as funny (and give them out as jokes to your procrastinating friends) or serious (a self-help tool for you or a friend). In either case here’s how to make Your Own Novelty Procrastinator’s Pencil Sticker.

To print the page of Procrastinators’ Pencil Stickers

Select the paper stock you prefer. Use bold colors to bring attention the message or tone it down and match the color of the pencil or pen. RIGHT where shown on the text image. Select the “Print Picture” option from the dropdown menu. different stickers will print.

elect A Sticker Style

The Procrastinators’ sticker can be used in several ways. 

simple sticker and placed on any surface.

  1. Mount the sticker on a pencil in a “flag” display. I like this method because your round pencil will not roll away and your pens aren’t as likely to walk away.
  2. For a more discreet self-help message, or pocket use wrap the sticker around the pencil or pen.
  3. Select a single personal message to place on the pencil or pen